Shenzen and Hong Kong!

I have to say that Hong Kong looked like what I had expected China to look like. It is a super busy city full of lights and packed with banners and people. 

We flew to Shenzen, which is still in China, where we took an hour bus ride to Hong Kong. It was interesting because we had to go through imigration. I have to say it was very convenient, quite simple and much better than airports.

Honk Kong has many areas and they definitely look very different. One of them is Kowloon, where you can find multiple markets like the night market, ladies market, and food market.

You can bargain all you want and get the prices you want... which I enjoyed doing.

Another area is the Avenue of Stars by Victoria Harbour where you can find all the new buildings and a cool skyline. 

In fact, there is a light show every night where all the buildings light up and are synchronized with a song. 

You can see it from the Hong Kong side or the Kowloon side, or from the water if you take a night cruise.

The newer side is very international and you can see many foreigners that work in the city. There are definitely people from all over the world!!

Hong Kong also happened to have some Pandas and since we didn't have the chance to see them in China, we went to Ocean Park in Hong Kong. 

They have 2 giant pandas

... and 2 red pandas which were really cute too!!

Koalas and birds,

Plus the park has an aquarium, zoo...

cable car, amazing views and rides! What else can you ask from a theme park  :)

We also visited the Temple of the 10,000 Buddhas 

and I believe it might have more than 10,000 as the whole way up the mountain you find any kind of Buddha, such as happy Buddha, fat Buddha, smiling Buddha, Buddha with hair, and any other style that you can think of.

And at the top a really cool temple.

We said good bye to Hong Kong as we wanted to visit India, however we needed to apply for a visa, so we had to quickly change plans at the airport as we looked at the departures screen and decided to go to Singapore instead! :)

This is one of the unforgettable anecdotes when traveling, the options and adventures are endless!


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