Singapore -Home of Super Trees, Super Parks and Singapore Slings

Singapore was on our list of places to visit as we had heard so much about It and it definitely didn't disappoint.

We visited the Gardens by the Bay, which has the amazing Super Trees.

At the top of the biggest tree you can find a bar with a nice view too

While you visit this park, make sure you don't miss out the free light show. It happens everynight around 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm. It's a definite must see. 

The whole park is huge as it also has the Flower dome and the Cloud forest which are also a must see because they have a full exhibition of flowers from all over the world and from different climates.

The cloud forest features the biggest indoor waterfall in the world. 

The dome uses climate control to make the environment feel and sound like a rainforest. It's even a little misty!

It's amazing to think that nature doesn't need climate control and makes it seem effortless to create such incredible environments!

We came to Singapore couple of times and one of our visits was closer to Christmas. We had the chance to see decorations everywhere. 

Across the park, the view of the whole marina is great! Of course the biggest building Marina Sands Bay Hotel and Casino looks like a big banana on top of 3 towers, but it defines the skyline of Singapore!

And right after we walked through the hotel and stores, we found an extraordinary fountain show that features laser lights and music. 

And some really cool spots and architecture 

Like the Louis Vuitton store that looks like a boat floating in the water.

All of the places above are in the same marina area, so if you come for a visit, stop in this area to see it all!

Of course there are tons of cool bars and restaurants around and as a good Colombian, I love to dance, so we went up to Altitudes. A roof top bar on the 84th floor

However, other areas in the city are worth visiting too. The whole city is pretty organized around the metro is great, easy to get around and convenient.

Even though they have funny signs and rules on the metro like "No Durian",   which is a fruit that gives you bad breath.. Haha.

We also went to china town, which not only has Chinese style architecture, food, markets and shops.

This is where the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is located.

I have seen many Buddhist temples around the world, however, this is quite big and beautiful.

Not as cool and massive as Angkor Wat in Cambodia, but this one has a very good explanation about the origins of Buddha and his teachings.

Also, they still have a tooth from Buddha and other relics from his body on the 4th floor. The whole room is covered with gold and is very impressive.

Near China Town, there is a place called Breakout Games. The object of the game is to solve different puzzles and riddles to get clues to escape from the room. We did one called "Scientist". We were thieves trying to steal the cure for cancer from a scientist and we only had an hour to search his lab and escape. These games are great! They challenge your mind through critical thinking and problem solving strategies. Not to mention that great communication is a must!

Another area is Little India. I learned that there is a large Indian population in Singapore. There are tons of Indian restaurants, flea markets, festivals and many night clubs (karaoke bars) in that area.

It's not as clean as other areas of Singapore but it's an interesting place to visit and to try some good food and do some cheap shopping.

However, the best shopping, meaning where you can find good, cheap and nice stuff is definitely on Bugis Street. Here there are many malls and a big tent market.

Here is my favorite store, really nice stuff there!

On another topic, I read about the Raffles Hotel, so we decide to stop by. This is a very antique hotel that dates back from 1800. The "long bar" of this hotel is where the famous "Singapore Sling" cocktail was created. Also back in the day, famous writers like Hemingway used to hang out at this place too.

The cocktail was originally created for women, as they could not consume alcohol in public, but this one was accepted as it looked like a fruit juice. Ha!

They still have the same receipe after 100 years! Which made us get one at the long bar!

The Singapore slings were very expensive (S$32 - which is around $25 US dollars each), however the bar is still preserved as it was in 1915, so It was worth the experience.

In summary, we'll definitely return to this amazing, versatile city with so much to offer!! Maybe next time we will indulge in more of what Sentosa Island has to offer as we just visited the beach.


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